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Jesus Lago

TU Delft

PhD Student


I am PhD student at the Delft Center for Systems and Controls at TU Delft, conducting my research on intrusive and non-intrusive control algorithms for the energy market. Most of my work is carried at the Flemish Institute for technological research (VITO) in Belgium and supervised by Dr. Fjo De Ridder and Prof. Dr. Bart De Schutter.

My project is funded be the INCITE network, a Marie-Curie training network within the Horizon 2020 EU programme. The network comprises a total of 14 PhD fellows across Europe with a single goal in mind: develop control algorithms to support the integration of renewable energy sources into smart energy systems.

My research interests are applications of numerical optimization, deep learning and forecasting algorithms with special emphasis on energy markets and balancing the electrical grid.


Machine Learning
Optimal Control
Numerical Optimization.