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The TESLA group of companies offer an array of load and generation forecasting services across a variety of energy resources and markets. Since 1992, TESLA has developed a reputation as an industry leader in both forecast accuracy and customer support. TESLA began by supplying electric load models to traditional power utility clients. In over twenty-five years in business, we have expanded our client base to trading houses, national grid operators and generators. Our areas of analysis have expanded to include natural gas demand, steam/CHP volume, and renewable generation forecasting. TESLA now supplies clients around the world with innovative and highly accurate forecasting solutions.

Our forecasting solutions are built on the unique TESLA modelling methodology, backed by a dedicated team of analysts and engineers. TESLA forecast systems are based on advanced regression-based models, designed to be responsive to weather, clock and calendar variables, and are particularly sensitive to extreme weather events and holidays. Every model is built and maintained by analysts dedicated to a comprehensive understanding of the area and the resource being modeled. The reliable and timely delivery of the forecasts generated by TESLA models is ensured by a team of engineers working from our offices in the UK, the US and New Zealand.

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